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Ants are reknowned for being hardworkers, however, they are also well known for ruining a good picnic. 


In Bites, you'll be working alongside these ants to gather as much food as you can. All the ants are available to all the players and on your turn, you'll choose one of the available ants and move it along the food trail to the next food item matching the ants colour. You can then take 1 piece of food from either side of the ant and store it for the game end. Chocolate and Wine will give you bonus actions and additional scoring opportunities whilst the rest of the foods score will depend on the matching ant's position on the ant hill. Once all the ants have made it back to the ant hill, the game ends and scoring takes place. The player with the highest score wins.


Can you find the best sequence to score the most points?


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  • 2-5 Players

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