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Go Bananas in this crossword themed tile laying game that requires no board, no pencil and no paper!


All the tiles are placed in a 'bunch' in the centre of the table, each player then takes their starting hand of tiles and on the shout of 'Split' races to form a crossword style display of words using their tiles. Once 1 player places their last tile, they shout 'Peel' and all players take a new tile from the centre of the table before continuing.  Once there are less tiles remaining than there are players, the game ends with a shout of 'Bananas' with the first player to play all their tiles accurately being crowned the 'Top Banana'!


Will you outperform your opponents or will you mash your words up and become a rotten banana?


Only 1 left in stock
  • 1-8 Players

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