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Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town... A hidden movement game

With the town shrouded in a paranormal darkness, you'll need to use your psychic abilities to uncover the location of not only a pizza but the correct house to deliver it to. With one player taking on the role of the town mayor, giving clues and suggestions to your surroundings, you'll need to get your thinking cap on to figure out the best path to take to complete your order.

Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town board game

First Impressions

The first thing that struck me about this game was the lengthy name. It felt as though the designer couldn't be bothered to think up a decent name for it and so just used a description of what the game was about instead and therefore I was quite apprehensive about what this game would offer. However, with such a unique name, it did also intrigue me as to how the game would play and what it was all about. The artwork on the box is fun and quirky, a common attribute to the games and this art continues inside and onto the components. I was impressed to see that the game box becomes part of the game and the rules were nice and short whilst being reasonably well explained.

Game Play Overview

Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town board game Mayor set up

In Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town, 1 player will take on the role of the mayor who will set up the town in secret and then at the end of each players turn, will give a vague explanation of what is in their surroundings. This player cannot win or lose the game but helps the other players to navigate the town that they are blind to. The remaining players become pizza deliverers and must use their knowledge and deduction skills to build a map of the town from the information they receive. Each player will take it in turn to carry out 1 of 3 possible actions: move, attack a ghost or play a psychic card. When moving, you'll announce if you wish to move 1 space north, south, east or west from your current space. The mayor will then check your surroundings and confirm if it's safe to move there or shout 'boo' if there's a ghost in your path. Instead of moving, you can attempt to attack a ghost in an adjacent space, if successful, you can draw a psychic card from the deck. Lastly, you can play a psychic card from your hand instead of any other actions, which will give you a bonus ability or extra information about your surroundings. Once you discover a Pizza, you must then find the house of the matching colour to deliver the pizza to. As soon as a player finds a pizza and successfully delivers it to the right house, the game ends and that player wins!

Pros and Cons

Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town board game deliverer map

This game has a fair amount of luck involved due to the hidden information and ways of gathering that intel, however, you can look at your opponents maps to help figure out where different locations are around the town. Despite the mayor not being able to win or lose, I actually really enjoyed playing this role and trying to help the others without giving too much away. It shares some similarities to Whitechapel but has less frustrations as you can record your clues as you go and the token you are seeking is stationary. The components are of a nice quality and there's not too much set up time to the game, making it quick to get into playing. I really liked the fact that as the mayor, you get the choice to use a prebuilt town design, or you can use the components to create your own layout. For me personally, the biggest downside of this game is the minimum player count of 3 players. I would love to get this game to the table more often, but with a 3 player requirement, I know it won't get much playtime in our household.

Final Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed this game, we had a lot of laughs whilst playing it and although Alex won by pure chance, it didn't take away from the fun we had or the satisfaction of winning/helping him to win.

In conclusion, we would rate this game an 8.8/10


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