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Fiesta De Los Muertos... Don't forget the dead!

This co-operative party game has players using word association in relation to various historical figures and popular characters. You'll be passing boards round, re-writign words and then trying to match the newly associated words to the characters/figures available.

Fiesta de los Muertos mid game showing the white boards and playstyle

Fiesta de los muertos... Festival of the dead... derived from the celebratory Day of the Dead in Mexico where instead of mourning the loss of passed loved ones, they create offerings to honor their departed family members in a bid to encourage the spirits of the deceased to join them in celebration of both life and death.

First Impressions

The game box is a mixture of simple line drawings in blue and white and colourful writing and skulls, it stood out on the shelf of games for me as the sheer amount of white was quite the contrast to the colourful games around it without being so white that it became boring. Upon opening the box, I was pleased to see a bit more colour inside. Still not teeming with colour, but kepeing to the styling of the box and giving a nice vibrancy to some of the components and the rule book. The rules are explained well and concisely.

Game Play Overview

Fiesta de los Muertos is played over 4 steps, beginning with each player drawing a character card and writing the name of their character inside the skull and closing it to prevent other players from seeing it. You'll then write just 1 word in your skull's mouth that makes you think of your character and colour in a tooth on the skull before passing it on to the next player. You'll then be writing a word associated with the word in the skull's mouth that you've been passed and again coloring in a tooth before passing them round again. Once all teeth on the skull's have been coloured in you'll move on to the deduction phase. All skulls will be shuffled and then lined up across the table under the assignment of a number. Blindly collect the character cards from each player and add more cards until their are 8 in the pool, shuffle them and place them face up below the skulls. Now comes the tricky part! Each player must attempt to guess which character matches which random word on each of the skulls, writing their answers on their answer board. Once all players have made their guesses, it's time to see how well you appeased the dead! Check the answers and for every correct guess, mark off a space inside the skull for each character. Every character with white boxes checked off for the number of players is appeased and any with open white spaces can be appeased by spending memory bones (if you have any left!) The number of appeased spirits determines your success as a team. To make future games harder, the box also includes restrictions which can be added in a variety of ways. It also includes a flower symbol on certain cards that can be used with younger players.

Fiesta de los Muertos end of game calculations

Pros and Cons

This game can have a lot of laughs and really helps you to understand how other people think and opens your mind to what other people associate with certain characters and figures. However, there were some characters that we had no idea who they were and therefore had no idea what to associate with them. It's a minimum of 4 player and therefore can make it difficult to get to the table unless you have a regular gaming group of 4 or more players. The challenge of guessing which characters you all had was great fun and the addition of extra characters to the mix, meant that there was more than likely a few characters that could be associated to the final words!

Final Verdict

Overall, we had great fun playing it. It's theme could be more prevelant, but this didn't detract too much from the actual gameplay and we wanted to keep playing to see what else we could come up with and what new characters we would find in an attempt to appease all of the dead!

In conclusion, we would rate this game an 8.5/10


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