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13 Beavers... Will you take the tempting tunnel?

In this fast paced push your luck game, you'll be trying to help your beaver reach Beaver Paradise by moving up the river and taking in the sites. You'll need to dam every now and again to avoid ending up back at the start and decide whether or not to take risks which may help or hinder you.

13 Beavers board game set up

We first came across this game at London Toyfair where the publisher was showcasing it to retailers and influences. Being the gamers we are, we naturally had to give it a go and had so much fun, we knew that when the game was released, it would be a huge hit with anyone who gave it a try. The number of times that we tried the tempting tunnel (and failed) was a great mechanic in the game, and one of the influencers we played with eventually succeded and (despite being the last to reach the final lava flow, ended up winning the game!

First Impressions

With it's bright colours and unintentional puns, this game is great for kids and adults alike. The rules are simple to get your head around and the components have all been well designed, the magnetic fishing rod is a lovely extra to the game and the wooden beavers are so cute! we were instantly drawn to the game at London Toyfair and were so pleased when we managed to get a game in!

Game Play Overview

13 Beavers board game fishing

In 13 Beavers, you'll take it in turns to try and get your beaver as far up the river as you can. On your turn, you'll need to guess whether the next card is higher or lower than the previous one, if you're wrong, return your beaver back to it's dam. If you're right, advance 1 space up the river and decide whether you want to try again or dam! If you choose to dam, move your dam up to where your beaver is, ensuring you don't go back to the start on future turns. When you reach the tempting tunnel, you have a decision to make... Will you try and take the tempting tunnel? If you take it on, to successfully navigate through it and skip two thirds of the boar, you must guess the exact number of the next card to be drawn. If successful, move your beaver up to the other end of the tunnel. If, like most people, you fail, return your beaver to it's dam! The next obstacle you'll likely come across is the lava flows, these cannot be stopped on and therefore you must keep going (unless of course you fail and end up returning to yoiur dam!) If you dam at the fish dinner space, you can go fishing for a bonus, but you'll need to be careful as the stinky fish will send you back 2 spaces. As you continue on your journey up the river, you'll have the chance to risk the rapids and either advance of fall back 3 spaces before coming across the wolves cavern where onlyl the sleeping wolf will allow you to pass. The first player to reach Beaver Paradise wins the game!

Pros and Cons

13 Beavers board game

This game is a crowd pleaser, but if you don't like lighter weight games, then you'll probably want to pass this one up! It can be played with up to 6 players making it an ideal game to start or end a games night with, even for slightly larger groups, especially with the puns which the designers vehemently swear were not intentional! With it's easy to pick up rules, the game is fantastic for families as well as gamers and is sure to bring a smile to all who play. The beavers, dams and fishing rod are all made of wood and the cards are made of a decent cardstock making them feel durable enough to negate the fact that they are not of a standard size and therefore are unlikely to be able to be sleeved.

Final Verdict

Overall, I loved the game and cannot play it enough! I imagine it will be one of those games that will be played to death but I sincerely feel that it will be a longstanding game that see's regular table time.

In conclusion, we would rate this game a 9.7/10

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