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Oh no! A variety of animals have been caught in the fishing nets that shouldn't have been, you'll need to work together to free the creatures in this quick cooperative puzzle game.


In Fish 'n' Flip, you'll be taking it in turns to carry out 4 steps, as you move the creatures around in the net in an attempt to group them together with matching creatures and get them facing in the same direction. You'll have 2 action cards to choose from each turn, to help you on your way to freeing as many animals as you can before moving them down the net and refilling it until all the animals have been played. The next two players then get a final turn each to clear as much as they can from the nets before tallying up your final scores. 


If you'd rather play the game competitively, then this game also provides some rules to go head to head against one another, with players all playing simultaneously each round rather than in turns, you'll be bidding on how many animals you can save using just one of the two action cards in front of you. Once the cards have all been used, whoever has the highest score is the winner.


How many animals can you rescue from the nets?

Fish 'n' Flip

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  • 1-4 Players

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