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Ancient Corruption has been awoken near the Tunguska River after a huge meteorite crashed, bringing the worlds attention to Siberia. Adventuring into the unknown, Dr Tarkovsky led a team to learn about the meteorite and it's impact but that was months ago and aside from a few rumours of possession, there has been no reports from the team. After a rescue team also fails to return, war heroes from around the world, privately fund their own expeditions to Siberia in the hope of uncovering the mystery, finding valuable artifacts and, of course, achieving ultimate glory.


In Expeditions, you'll be building up an engine of cards and exploring the landscape. Purchase and play cards to gain power, guile and unique worker abilities, manouveur your mech around the mysterious locations and use workers, items and quests to improve your mech whilst using your power and guile to vanquish the corruption caused.


Can you create the most lucrative expedition to these forsaken lands?


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  • 1-5 Players

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