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We live in an amazing world with thousands of plants and animals, though some of these species have not been seen for decades.


In this deduction game you will take on the role of a sceintist on an expedition for a real world search for Lost Species, focusing on those species thought to be lost in Papua New Guinea and Indonesia. The aim of the game is to locate the Lost Species you are searching for as well as collect sightings of other animals on the Island, the scientist who contributes the most to the expedition wins the game. In order to set up this game you will need to unbox the contents of the box and download The Search for Lost Species companion app which is available on both Apple Store and Google Play for free. The game plays over a series of turns with you exploring and investigating the Island. There is not a fixed turn order in this game for when each player takes thier turn, instead it depends on the position the players are in on the time track. On your turn, you will choose an action to take, such as Survey by Foot, Survey by Boat or Visit a Town, then advance your player pawn along the time track for how much time that actions costs then if the expedition leader pawn is the furthest back on the time track move them to the next expedition leader space. The movement of the expedition leader can trigger certain events to occur either bringing new information to light or replenishing your resources. You will continue taking turns until one player correctly identifies the location of the Lost Species.


Will you be the one to rediscover the lost species?



The Search for Lost Species

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  • 1-4 Players

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