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Are you on the same wavelength as your friends? Can you guess what numbers are on their cards? Put your skills to the test in The Mind: Soulmates and see if you truly are destined for one another! 


In this social deduction game, you'll be trying to play your cards in the right order to complete the level, however you cannot talk and you cannot see one anothers cards! One player will be the seer each round who knows some but not all of the numbers and can let the other players know some of the numbers they've seen by writing them on the help sheet. How many numbers the seer knows and can share with their comrades is dictated by the level of the game at the time. All players will have to play their cards face down in what they hope will be an ascending numerical order and if successful, you'll all move onto the next level, but if even 1 card is out of place, you lose a life and must repeat the level. Run out of lives and your game is over, but reach the end of level 12 and you truly are soulmates!


Can you beat the game or will you be left floundering in the dust?

The Mind Soulmates

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  • 2-4 Players

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