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You have a comms transmition come through that the armies advance is haulted as the enemy has deployed their troops blocking the canyon entrance. Looking at the maps you see that there is a smaller entrance on the left handside of the canyon that would allow you to open up a second front as you can get behind the enemy. Though it appear to be too narrow for AT-RT's to get through so you grab the swoop bikes you have been using to scout ahead and launch your attack, hoping that in the confusion the main force can push forward.


The Swoop Bikes are a great addition to your games of Star Wars Legion with their speed and versatility making them perfect for running distraction. Their Overun ability is also a great addition to the unit, as they can attack units they pass over allowing them to deal damage with out stopping. 

Star Wars Legion: Swoop Bike Riders Expansion

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    • 2 Plastic Swoop Bike Miniatures
    • 2 Unit Card
    • 11 Assorted Tokens

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