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It has been a busy couple of month for you with the 501st's long fight on Umbara though you are glad to be able to take a rest on Coruscant in the 79's Cantina. While you are drinking a conversation on the table behind you peaks your interest. Two clone troopers from the 327th Star Corps are talking about the increased activity of the Pyke Syndicate and the Black Sun as well as the increase in military power of deathwatch and rumour has it that they are being led by the fallen Sith, Maul. The words must be nonsense as according to the records General Kenobi defeated Maul on Naboo, could he really be back from the dead?


This box includes everything you need to start a Shadow Collective army with all the cards, tokens and units for the game. You get the infamous Darth Maul, the Pykes Syndicate foot soldiers, the Black Sun foot soldiers and the fierce Mandalorian Super Commandos to build a great basis for an army. The units play very differently from each other in this battleforce but can work well together with the right tactics. The great thing with this box set is that the Pykes can be played in all the other factions in the game and the Black Sun can be played in the Separatist and Galactic Empire so there is something for all the factions. Can you field the best band of criminals in the galaxy!

Star Wars Legion: Shadow Collective Starter Set

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£49.99Sale Price
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    • Plastic Darth Maul Miniature
    • 7 Plastic Pyke Syndicate Miniatures
    • 7 Plastic Black Sun Miniatures
    • 7 Plastic Super Mandalorian Miniatures
    • 6 Unit Cards
    • 30 Upgrade Cards
    • 45 Assorted Tokens

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