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It has been three days since you were evacuated from the city of Lessu on Ryloth by the Free Ryloth Movement after Stormtroopers arrived at your home to round up you and your family. You have been told that you are being transferred to a safe base of the rebel alliance away from the Empire's grasp. As you wait you suddenly hear the pilot's voice on the comms that you are on approach to the base, intregued you look out the window. You are met by the view of a swirling giant red gas planet though you notice the freighter is not heading to the planet but one of it many moons covered in lush forest. The ship is quickly brought down to land and you make your way outside. Upon arrival you are greated by a woman in dark trousers and a blue shirt with her brown hair in buns on either side of her head. She introduces herself as Leia Organa.


Lead your force with this great tactician in this Expansion for Star Wars Legion. As a commander she takes on more of a support role with her unit card allowing other units to gain dodge tokens from her and she can inspire her comrades reducing their suppression. Her command cards provide a large range of strategy at your finger tips from her Cordinated Bombardment allowing her to call in an air strike on your enemies to spurring her troops forward with No Time for Sorrows. Will Leia be the strategist for you!

Star Wars Legion: Leia Organa Operative Expansion

£19.99 Regular Price
£18.49Sale Price
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    • 1 Plastic Leia Organa Miniature
    • 1 Unit Card
    • 3 Command Card
    • 3 Upgrade Cards
    • 12 Assorted Tokens

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