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General Skywalker has asked for assistance on the lower levels on Coruscant so you have mounted up with your fellow clone bretheren to go and aid him. Flying above the city you find him quickly in a duel with a bounty hunter blocking blaster shot after blaster shot. As you arrive the bounty hunter turns round on your arrival to escape on their speeder. You open up with the LAAT/LE's front guns destroying the speeder blocking off the bounty hunters escape.


With this great expansion it give you a flexible way to move your Galactic Empire or Galactic Republic troops across the battlefield and offer air support. The kit also come with two different pilot options for you to build it as an Imperial or Galactic Republic LAAT/LE.

Star Wars Legion: LAAT/LE Expansion

£35.99 Regular Price
£16.99Sale Price
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    • 1 LAAT/LE Plastic Miniature
    • 2 Unit Card (1 Imperial & 1 Galactic Republic)
    • 12 Upgrades
    • 13 Assorted Tokens
    • 1 Rulesheet

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