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It has been a hard day getting hold of the data you need for rebel high command but you have managed it and got out of the TIE Fighter factory just in time. You just need to make it to the cantina on the edge of town to hand over the plans. As you walk through the streets you feel like someone is watching you, you turn to look in the direction you thought it was coming from but no one was there. You pick up the pace a little trying to get some distance between you and them. When you arrive at the cantina you are a little out of puff though catch your breath quickly. As you go to hand your contact the data you stole imperial forces flood in, dressed in black uniforms and helmets arresting the pair of you.


In this expansion you will gain access to two units that you can play in your Galactic Empire army the versatile Imperial Special Forces and Imperial Special Forces Inferno Squad who pair with the Iden Versio expansion. This unit is an infiltrating unit that allows you to scout closely to enemy lines and come with the Marksman keyword meaning they can spend aim tokens to improve their damage output. You will also gain access to two named troopers that can join your core trooper or special forces in the form of a Gideon Hask who takes the role of a leader and can issue orders to other core trooper units when his unit is issued an order and Del Meeko a sniper who is good at engineering, allowing him to snipe off a couple of wound and repair vehicles.


What it is the next secret mission your special forces will be sent on? 

Star Wars Legion: Inferno Squad Unit Expansion

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    • 7 Plastic Miniatures
    • 2 Unit Cards
    • 7 Upgrade Cards
    • Token Sheet

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