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Empower your Galactic Forces with this tactical commander pack that provides you with General Veers. This commander is a tactician through and through provide great support to his troops inspiring them and helping them receive the aim token they require to deliver killing blows. As a tactician for the Galactic Empire and high ranking official his command cards give him a wide range of bonuses. He can bring down an artillery bombardment with Maximum Firepower, command his vehicles to go into Evasive Maneuvers to increase their survivability and maintain the morale of his troops with Imperial Discipline.


Can Veers lead your forces to victory?

Star Wars Legion: General Veers Commander Expansion

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£19.99 Regular Price
£9.99Sale Price
Only 1 left in stock
    • 1 Plastic General Veers Miniature
    • 1 Unit Card
    • 3 Command Cards
    • 3 Upgrade Cards
    • 11 Assorted Tokens

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