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You have been a foundling for sometime of the Children of the Watch and have been being trained in the ways of the Mandalore. Today is the day of your first mission you, have been advised that your mentor for the day is a well trained mandalorian in silver armour after waiting for around an hour a mandalorian in silver armour with a pistol on his hip appears around the corner. As he approaches the light glints of the mudhorn emblem on his right pauldron and he introduces himself a Din Djarin.


In this expansion for Star Wars Legion you gain access to a versatile bounty hunter that can be played as part of the Rebel Alliance or the Galactic Empire, if he is played as the Rebel version you may take Grogu with him. Din Djarin comes with a variety of interesting upgrades that can be used to increase his offensive capabilities in combat with gear such as the flamethrower and Beskar Spear. You will also gain access to his command cards which gives him a little more kick, for example his Whistling Birds card allows him to attack three units with one action and it does not count as his attack action.


Will Din Djarin be recruited into your force?

Star Wars Legion: Din Djarin & Grogu Expansion

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£22.49Sale Price
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    • 1x Din Djarin Plastic Miniature
    • 1x Grogu Plastic Miniatures (2 Build Options)
    • 2 Unit Cards
    • 4 Command Cards
    • 4 Upgrade Cards
    • 1 Token Sheet

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