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You grew up on Kashykk with your wookie brothers in the trees and have fought valiantly alongside the clones against the separatist alliance. Your unit of wookie warriors have been sent to outflank the enemies ranks and have been told the brave wookie fighter Chewbacca will be joining you at the ridge. As you approach the ridge you hear the familiar screach of a vulture droid above you. You and your team quickly take cover in the brush as the laser bolts hit the ground, you then hear familiar shots ring out of a bowcaster. The sky turns black as it fills with smoke and as you poke your head out from the brush, you see the form of Chewbacca up ahead stood bowcaster raised at the sky. It appears your comerade was ready for you.


This Star Wars Legion operative expansion gives you access to the renowned wookie Chewbacca, who can be played as Rebel out of the box or in the Galactic Republic if you already own Grand Master Yoda. This character is very much a defensive character who protects his allies and can deliver a much needed punch at range with his bowcaster. His command cards allow him to work with Leia, Luke and Han to unlock new possibilties and strategies to enhance their play styles.

Star Wars Legion: Chewbacca Operative Expansion

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