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You have arrived at Zero's Palace on Coruscant to speak with Zero the Hutt about a job to bust a fellow gang member out of prison. Zero says he has found someone to help with the assignment and to meet them at the palace. As you walk into the room where Zero resides you see a blue skinned Duros with a wide brimmed hat and a long brown trench coat lent up against a pillar with a drink in hand, he flashes a look in your direction as you approach and introduces himself as Cad Bane.


Enlist this bounty hunter into your collection with this great expansion. Cad Bane is a mercenary that can hold his own on the battlefield with a host of dirty tricks up his sleeve to keep the enemy guessing right up until the end. His cards mostly focus around him doing better and more interesting things rather than passing orders out to other units but each card offers him new tactics to employ during battle. If you like to play sneaky chracters with great tricks then Cad would be a good addition for you. 

Star Wars Legion: Cad Bane Expansion

£19.99 Regular Price
£18.99Sale Price
Only 1 left in stock
    • 1 Plastic Cad Bane Miniature
    • 1 Unit Card
    • 3 Command Cards
    • 6 Upgrade Cards
    • 29 Assorted Tokens

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