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You have been on the run for the last four days from the Empire after stealing a Holodisc detailing some plans for a new star fighter. It is not going to be long before they come looking for it, this information must get back to the rebel alliance as soon as possible. You have found a cargo freighter to jump on during the next rotation but it would seem that this is now going to have to wait because as you round the corner to the port you spot a Trandoshan in a yellow jump suit looking down his sights right at you. It appears the Empire has hired the help of the bounty hunter Bossk.


Bossk is a bounty hunter in Star Wars Legion, as he was in the films, and a tough one at that. He has a powerful long ranged attack that can pin his targets down and can stand toe to toe in close combat making him a great offensive piece. His ability to regenerate his health assists in making him durable and hard to remove giving him time to complete his contract before ducking away to safety.

Star Wars Legion: Bossk Expansion

£19.99 Regular Price
£18.49Sale Price
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    • 1 Bossk Plastic Miniature
    • 1 Unit Card
    • 3 Command Cards
    • 3 Upgrade Cards
    • 20 Assorted Tokens

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