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You're a member of a rebel cell and have been told to meet with someone called Fulcrum at a landing site on Dantooine. You bring the shuttle down at the co-ordinates and head outside, as you exit two stormtroopers appear from behind some crates with their blasters raised. Its a trap! You then hear the clatter as something rolls across the ground shrouding the landing pad in a grey haze. You then see two pure white lightsabers flicker in the smoke and once it clears, a woman in a hooded cloak stands before you. She drops her hood and you realise the mystery person is Ahsoka Tano.


Bring Ahsoka Tano: Fulcrum to your Star Wars Legion battles with this new expansion. Apprentice of Anakin Skywalker and ex-jedi padwan she is a powerful allie for the rebel alliance, proving time and time again her skill in battle fighting foes such as Darth Maul and Darth Vader and matching them in combat. Along with her combat skills she also brings a great amount of tactical flexibility utilizing her knowledge and experience as a Commander in the clone wars.

Star Wars Legion: Ahsoka Tano Operative Expansion

£23.99 Regular Price
£21.99Sale Price
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    • 1 Ahsoka Tano Miniature
    • 1 Unit Card
    • 4 Command Cards
    • 1 Token Sheet

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