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Rauha has been void of life for many a millenia, but all of a sudden it has returned and as venerable shamans, you have been entrusted with one of it's five worlds. 


Players will shape the worlds to their own visions, cradling life energy and creating a harmonious planet for years to come. Choose your cards carefully to create the right flora and fauna to enable civilizations to thrive in the second era.


The game is played over 4 rounds, each split into 3 turns followed by a scoring phase. Each turn players will simultaneously choose a card from the set of biomes matching the current turn (moon or star), play it onto their world and activate their abilities from the turns column or row. Form rows or columns of matcing symbols to earn the blessing of a divine entity and collect resources or abilities for each biome activated.


Can you nurture your planet to be the most serene of them all?


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  • 2-5 Players

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