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Set in a dystopian Earth, with unprecedented sea levels which are showing no signs of stopping, leaving the once luscious lands of our world, deep underwater. With the visions of Jules Verne and technological innovations, a new city is being born underwater, "New Eden".


Built upon a hot water spring, the current from which brings a basic supply for players to expand and enlarge the city by building on additional modules. Over 3 rounds, you'll be buying and bidding on new modules from the available market, striking a balance between progressing the city and damaging it through black market and second hand parts. After each round, you'll score points and at the end of the game, you'll compare your damage to your progress to establish if you'll score endgame points. The highest score wins.


Will your version of New Eden be the most habitable and safe?

New Eden

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  • 1-4 Players

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