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What time is Monster time? Midnight! As the clock strikes 12, the fun begins as the cheeky monsters crawl out of their hiding places, ready to wreak havoc! It's down to you, to catch them all as quickly as you can.


In this push your luck, dice rolling game, you'll need to roll dice in an attempt to outwit the monsters by rolling more pips on the die than the number of eyes the matching monster has. Each dice you roll must match the colour of an available monster and with only 3 dice permitted to be rolled at a time, you'll need to think carefully about which monsters you want to catch. Once you feel your dice rolling luck is up or you fail to successfully match a dice roll with at least 1 monster, your turn ends and any completed cards are collected. Dice from completed cards are returned to the pool, whilst dice on partially completed cards remain for the next player. Once a player has collected 12 monsters amongst their completed cards, they win!


How far will you push your luck in Monster 12?

Monster 12

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  • 2-5 Players

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