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What are monkey's good at?... Climbing Trees of course!


In this game, players take on the persona of a warrior monkey racing to the top of the tallest tree to become the King of the Jungle. Not only will you be battling each other on the way up, but you'll also need to fight off Kurgill the Magical Wizard and his army of mythical beasts, dodging his spells and staving off his corrupt spider like compatriot. Players take it in turns to draw tree cards into hand to help them climb the tree, flip over the top card of the spell deck and carry out the action, then use their 2 action points to either climb the tree, draw another tree card, set traps or take on the treetop challenge. The first player to complete the treetop challenge and dodge Kurgill's traps wins the game!


Will you be able to beat your opponents to become the reigning King of the Jungle?

Monkey: The Card Game

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  • 1-5 Players

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