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Is that the ice cream van I hear...


In Kawaii you are trying to collect your favourite ice cream shape and flavour to earn points and trying to get those cherries for extra points, though be careful that the door is not closed when you go to the ice cream parlour otherwise you may just melt in the sun. At the start of the game each player has a favourite flavour and shape card dealt to them as well as being dealt a stack of cards which they will be flipping over to form a pool of cards in front of them on their turn. Each player takes it in turn to flip over a card from their face down deck and then each player can choose if they are going to capture the set of cards in front of that player or one of the other players with their heart token to add them to their collection. When a set is captured you give your heart token to the person the cards were in front of and add the cards to your personal collection. The game continues like this till the last card is placed into a pile in front of a player and there are no piles left in play, then you tally up your score.


Can you collect the most of your favorite flavour and shape? 


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  • 3-5 Players

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