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You've dreamed for years of owning your own dungeon and at last you've managed to get your hands on one. After years of paying over the odds to increasingly greedy rental companies, you stumbled upon an advert for a dungeon for sale, directly from the owner and at rockbottom prices! You snap it up for next to nothing and today you finally get to see it for yourself... you walk into a large cavernous room and.... 


It's just an empty room... no corridors, no traps, no monsters! It suddenly dawns on you as to why the place was so cheap! With Hero season round the corner, there's nothing else to do... It's time to visit the dungeon discount outlet and the local monster tavern to kit out your dungeon and hire some staff to protect your worldly treasures!


Doodle Dungeon is played over 3 phases, build and design your dungeon, collect cards and draw the features into your dungeon, then pass your dungeons to the player on your left and draw a heroes path through the dungeon you've just received before passing them back to their owners and moving on to the defence phase where the hero will move through your dungeon, resolving encounters and you'll be defending your dungeon from their attempts to battle their way through it until all the heroes are defeated or they have escaped!


Can you design the best dungeon and protect your valuable treasures from the heroes?

Doodle Dungeon

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  • 2-4 Players

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