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Get started in the Disney themed Trading Card Game , Lorcana, with a starter deck. Each deck is a pre-built 60 card deck based on two colours from the game and comes with a booster pack so you can begin to customise them and make them your own. You also get some damage counters, a playmat, a token tracker as well as a quick start guide.


The three starter decks in the First Chapter are:

  • Amber & Amythyst, starring the disney characters Mickey Mouse the Wayward Sorcerer and Moana Of Motunui. This deck combines the power to quest (which gains you lore to win) in this game as well as bringing out a multitude of characters to overwealm your foe. This allows you to play quite aggressively letting you hit hard and fast early on.
  • Saphire & Steel, stars the disney character Simba the Returned King and Aurora the Dreaming Guardian. This deck focuses on increasing your ink (which is what you use to summon your cards) so you can bring out more powerful characters like Simba the Returned King though you will need to use the Saphire cards in this deck to protect your powerful cards. This deck allows you to control the flow of the game allowing you to hit back at the best moment. 
  • Emerald & Ruby, stars Cruella De Vil, Miserable as Usual and Aladdin the Heroic Outlaw. This deck focuses on disrupting your opponents flow to baffle and confuse their desicion while utilizing the Evasive ability to collect lore unopposed till your opponent plays their own Evasive cards. This means this deck is more of a cunning deck that utilizes its tricks to pull out the win.


Which deck will you choose to start your journey with?

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter Starter Deck

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  • 2-6 Players

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