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The forest creatures bathe in pools of sunlight, enjoying life whilst the weather is warm; but deep down they know that winter will soon be here and they will be longing for some home comforts and plenty of food. It may only be Springtime but it's never too early to begin getting ready for the next winter and hibernation period.


In Creature Comforts, players simultaneously set up their families for the turn, by rolling their home dice and sending their family members out to gather resources, craft comforts or trade items. Once all workers are out, the village dice are rolled and then players can discover whether their families are successful in completing the jobs assigned to them. Players take it in turns to resolve these actions, with any unsuccessful attempts returning home with a lesson learnt token to help improve their chances next turn. The gameboard is then reset for the next month and play continues until Winter arrives. 


Will you create the most comfortable den for your creatures family?

Creature Comforts

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  • 1-5 Players

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