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Renowned for their speed and bravery the Commandos quickly made a reputation for themselves during World War II. The Commandos were formed in June 1940 by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill with a focus on the goal of taking the fight back to the apparently unstoppable German armed forces that had thrown the British Expeditionary Force out of France. This all-volunteer force, was recruited from all parts of the armed services and was specially trained to be highly mobile, raiding as well as reconnaissance. There were Army commandos, Naval commandos and the Inter-Allied Commando regiment which included nationalities such as the Belgians, Polish, Dutch and others.


These Commando units fought in campaigns in Europe, Burma, Africa and earned battle honours for many famous actions including arguably the greatest raid of all – St Nazaire.

Commandos were fielded in a variety of ways - from units of less than a full section up to a full assault divisions depending on the task at hand. Superbly trained, aggressive in action, well-equipped and deadly in hand-to-hand combat the Commandos were rightly feared by their German, Italian and Japanese foes.


This box will allow you to build 30 customisable plastic British & Inter-Allied Commandos with a plethora of equipment options to choose from.

Bolt Action - British & Inter-Allied Commandos

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