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Are you looking to get into 28mm early World War II miniature gaming?


Then this Bolt Action set that covers the North Africa campaign could be for you. A Gentleman's War Starter Set is a set that focuses on these actions which were fought across parched, dusty deserts between 1941 to 1943. In this set you get to field the brave British 8th Army, otherwise known as the Desert Rat, against their Axis enemies, the German Deutsche Afrika Korps. The fighting in this theater was intense but lacked some of the fanaticism and had less atrocities that were seen else where in the war so became known as the gentleman's war. In this set you will get enough models to field a 24 man strong section of 8th Desert Rats as well as a 24 man strong Afrika Korps infantry unit with both forces being supported by an armoured car allowing you to build a strong back bone for a force based in the North Africa Campaign. By purchasing this set you also receive a Bolt Action rulebook as well as a theatre booklet that will guide you through your first steps into the game included in the box.


Will you be victorious?

Bolt Action - A Gentleman's War Starter Set

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  • 2 Players

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