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What's the theme this week?

A new week at The Gaming Circus is well underway and a new theme is here. This week we are looking at the games that have an Eco Friendly theme or are influenced by being greener inspired by it being Great Big Green Week. Some of the game on this weeks list include the social debating game Kyoto where you try to save the planet as well as the game Fish n Flip by Helvetiq that has been designed to raise awareness of pollution in the ocean. You can see both of these and more below:

What's new in this month?

Every month we have new items coming in to stock with us which will be discussed on our social media over the month though if you miss when we are talking about it you can find all the details of the product in the product pages below!

What have you been looking at?

Below is a selection of our most recent articles from our blog that covers our reviews and journey around the country attending shows finding the newest games that are coming to market. If you click on the image below it will take you through to the full article.

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